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Tuesday, March 25, 2014
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Yea! Finally, some non-wet warm weather!

Things should pick-up around here with 80 degree temperatures starting. The mid-year conference in Reno was very informative. Lots of information about risk management was discussed. Although, I had an adventure getting there and back. There were chain requirements over the summit on I-80 both going and coming home – snow is not for me. The money match game is going strong. We should top $10,000 dollars soon. If someone turns the QUEEN it will be a great payout to them. The interest in the game is also helping taco sales. A win-win for us.

On a sad note, if everyone has not heard, Father Frank Schulba passed away last week. We will miss him greatly. I can imagine him and Smoke enjoying a drink and a beer together. A memorial has not been scheduled yet, but will be soon.

One more month to go on our membership campaign. Remember the Lodge will pay you $50 when you reach 5 new sponsorship's from January 1st through April 30th. District 4 of the CA/NV Moose Association will also award a black jacket with your name and Roseville Moose Lodge logo on the back for the 5 sponsorship's. Well worth the effort to sign up some new members. Many events coming up this April and May. Check your calendars for all that is happening here. Should be loads of fun to start the spring and summer seasons. We will have new officers starting May 1st. Make sure to make them welcome to their new positions and wish them well. I will continue as Administrator so all can put up with me for a little longer. Have a wonderful two months before the next newsletter is published.

Robert Gee, Administrator
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